Video & Projection-mapping installations created for galleries, events, brand activations


Shadow Exposed - iLight Singapore

Shadows of Revelation_1Rendering.png

Shadow Exposed was a piece created for the iLight Singapore Bicentennial Edition, an annual light festival in Singapore. The installation plays with the nature of projections being both moving images and a source of light. It invites visitors to interact with the installation using their own shadows to reveal or conceal layered images. On a large screen stretched along the Mist Walk, projections of images from Singapore through the ages will be interlaced. Depending on where the visitor stands, his/her shadow will reveal different layers that offer a glimpse into Singapore’s history and evolution. 

The installation was displayed outdoors in Marina Bay during the month of February in 2019. Created in collaboration with Edward Yang from Visual Feeder.

Find more info on iLight Singapore website here.





Dancing Human

A video installation for 150 Media Stream as the featured artist for August 2018


Dancing Human is a part of the artist Judy K Suh’s ongoing exploration of the construction and deconstruction of the moving image. Drawing inspiration from Eadweard Muybridge’s photographic studies of motion, the piece breaks down a dancer’s movement into a series of still images created from shooting on Super 8 and 35mm. It was conceived specifically for the unique structure of 150 Media Stream, utilizing the vertical screens to present the film strips in their entirety. Alluding to film editing, the strips were cut and organized for a visual rhythm rather than temporal rhythm. The advanced digital technology powering this video wall exhibits analog technology in all its imperfections—dusts, scratches, light leaks—and is now obsolete.


Dancing Human is produced at The Banff Centre
Choreography/Dance: Tao Kerr
Costume design: Liisa Pitkäranta
Lighting design: Nicolas Filteau
Lighting assistants: Aidan Ware, Xigna Low, Cullen Mcgrail
Special Thanks to: Elijah Lindenberger, Basim Magdy



Blue Hour - Prague Quadrennial (PQ)

A collaborative, immersive installation shown at Prague Quadrennial 2019

3D rendering by Romain Tardy

3D rendering by Romain Tardy

Screen Shot 2019-06-13 at 3.57.46 PM.png

Divided into a number of departments, this immersive installation had many aspects offering the visitors a 24min experience in a sports arena. The installation was overall designed and led by French artist Romain Tardy. I was in the video/projections team, creating content for a portion of this 24min. experience. Here are some stills & concepts from the content.(More document images to come)

The installation was on display during all of PQ, from June 8-16, 2019.

Screen Shot 2019-06-13 at 3.59.55 PM.png
Asset design samples 01.jpg
Asset design samples 02.jpg



A projection mapping installation created for Sansoo Korean BBQ, Chicago


An installation commissioned by Sansoo Korean BBQ in Chicago, this piece displays the 14 consonants in the Korean alphabets. Each letter has a unique content associated with the letter. The installation is viewable all hours when the restaurant is open.

401 N. Milwaukee Ave. Chicago, IL



To the Moon and Back

A Projection Mapping installation created in Arteles Residency, Finland


The installation references early cinema history, drawing elements directly from George Meliès's A Trip to the Moon, the first narrative film. The piece brings the moving image off the flat wall, out of the frame, spilling onto the floor and other found objects as a life-size video collage. It is, at once, sculptural and temporal, therefore being tactile yet ephemeral simultaneously through the use of moving images on familiar objects. The video content is a mixture of live action video and animation, but blurring the boundaries of the two and shedding light on its own process of creation through the handmade/hand- drawn elements. Using techniques uniquely available to projection mapping, the piece offers a world that recalls the past and future at the same time, immersing the viewer into a magic-realist dream.


Solo Exhibition - CICA Museum, Gimpo, S. Korea. 2017
Voyager, Chicago US. 2017
Les Dominicains de Haute-Alsace, France. 2016
Arteles Artist Residency, Finland. 2016



Chicagoscape: 122 Years Later

A projection mapping installation created for the Architecture Week celebrated at Soho House Chicago.


A merging of cinema and installation

The piece is loosely based on The Devil in the White City, set at the turn of the century during the World's Fair in Chicago. Much like that era, daring innovation and dark urban issues still exist side by side in today’s Chicago. This parallel serves as the conceptual backbone to this projection mapping piece, which will portray Chicago through both magnificent and brooding images of its architectural cityscape today as well as the historic characters Daniel Burnham and H.H. Holmes, reimagined for this setting.

The piece was displayed on October 5, 2015.
Here's a blog post about the process, written before the event:



Planet Eye

An immersive, projection mapping experience created for Illumination, 2017

The project stemmed from the common saying of "eyes are the window to the soul." I imagine the soul of a person to resemble something of a landscape containing both microscopic intricacies and astronomical vastness...past memories and ideas about the future. Both specific and ambiguous all at the same time.

Installed for Illumination 2017 in Chicago.

Music credit: Sufjan Stevens - Planetarium



Rise from the Ashes

A projection mapping installation made in a group show about the Great Fire of Chicago

Rise From the Ashes is a projection mapping installation that explores how Chicago's architecture and cityscape evolved from 1871 (when the Chicago Great Fire took place) to today. The installation was a part of a multimedia performance called Great Fires, hosted by White Elephant and held at Co-Prosperity Sphere in Bridgeport, Chicago in March 2014.

Creative Direction by Judy Suh
Models constructed and installed by Hyerin Lee
Projection mapped and developed by Liviu Pasare



Nike: Air Max97

A projection mapping installation created for Nike's new Air Max97 Launch event

Creative Director | Judy K Suh
Technical Director | Vincent Naples
Technical Assistant | Reese Murdock
Client | Nike
Agency | Limitless Creative Co.
Music | "Kuiper Belt" and "Moon" from album Planetarium



Horse in Motion


This is a piece inspired by Eadweard Muybridge's famous horse photographs, titled the same "Horse in Motion." Each horse drawing/sculpture is made with different material, and they capture a different moment in the horse's gallop. Strung together at 8 frames per second, it creates motion as in the last image. Each canvas was lit with digital projection, allowing for precise lighting and incorporating video.

Shown in solo exhibition at CICA Museum in Gimpo, S. Korea, 2017.




Shown as part of solo exhibition at CICA Museum in Gimpo, S. Korea.



London Apparatus

Created at the Slade School of Fine Art in UCL.